Coney Island, NYC Paintings

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” once said Leonardo da Vinci. So while those wise words resonate, here are two small ‘unfinished’ paintings done on a freezing December afternoon in Coney Island NYC. Both took around 45 minutes each, at which point the paint started freezing and hands were shaking. Coney Island Gray, 6″x8″ (2017)…

Limited Palette = Manageable Challenge

I’ve been using limited palette’s to ease my way into tackling painting the figure. I’m fairly happy with the results, although my fast-response drawing skills are still lacking and in the Exeter College Life class I attend, by the time I’ve sketched out the figure using measuring techniques it’s time to pack-up and go home….

Travelling Days

A selection of drawings & paintings from around 2000 during my time in Asia. Sanam Luang, Bangkok 2001 Bangkok SkyScrapers. 2001 Ayutthaya 2001 Penang Beach, Malaysia. 2000 calm at last, 2001 wai homage, 2001 Flying Kites. Bangkok, 2000 sciatica, 2002BR> Structure Bangkok 2010

Dim the lights

This is interesting ( for me, at least).. just turning the light off in my studio before calling it a night, I noticed how much better the life painting I’m working on, looked in the dimness: The low quality samsung phone camera in the poor light helped blur the edges and the closeness of tone…

Home Practice

I recently discovered a fantastic rescource of Art Model photo’s at Pose Space. They offer thousands of images from an extensive number of models covering many body types and ethnicities. This is great for me as it allows me to practice at home in-between Life Drawing classess. I recently purchased the pack ‘Art Model 8‘ and…

Life Drawing at Exeter College

  Charcoal and acrylics on gesso’ed paper. Washes of acryclics over the gesso’ed surface allows for interesting textures and the underdrawing to show. This could be further developed by applying more gesso (or white acrylic) over areas that are not working, and the process repeated.

No More False Starts

This blog is just somewhere for me to document my journey back into painting after a hiatus of 24 years. I’ve had a couple of ‘false starts’ over the years, one of those was living in Thailand when I felt like life was lacking purpose or direction. I call that a false start as shortly…